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ClosReplace is currently on the Firefox Addons site and the Chrome Web Store! Check it out on the ClosReplace tab!
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Honoring the amazing life and works of the great Mr. Clos


HURRAY FOR HOLLYWOOD! has mysteriously reappeared! New ownership? Has the domain changed hands?

The website was down yesterday and this morning for matinence. Since I'm using github, I can usually work on the site without actually taking it down, but today I was actually doing git and github repo matinence, so that required me to bring the site down for a period. Sorry for the inconvienince.
In other news, ClosReplace beta is in the works and I'm just getting ready to front the cash to put it on the Chrome Web Store. As to those who use safari, if you are willing to make a $200 a year donation to me, then I'll make it for safari too.

UPDATE: I was initially going to make the first release of ClosReplace a closed alpha as I'm unsure, but I might as well release it publicly. I'm not going to put it on it's proper tab yet as it is not suitable and there are weird things when installing for Chrome, so yeah, not until beta. Access the ClosReplace Alpha through MyClosRewards using the key CL054LPH4.
The ClosReplace extension will be released for a closed alpha soon, and will then be released to beta sometime around the start of 2nd semester!
Also, MyClosRewards has been released! A serial to get everyone started is: Christmas.

Why the h*ck am I doing this on [Censored: Religious]? Anyway, I added the ClosStuff tab, for MyClosRewards (when it comes out) and all the other miscellaneous Clos stuff that I make, such as the True Mr. Clos Project and the ClosGate Tape. Check it out sometime!

UPDATE: The True Mr Clos project has been released! Come check it out!

Upon the request of Mr. Clos, I had to remove political and religious memes previously submitted to the site. This is to keep the site clean and safe, so it doesn't draw the attention of admin, but it is still a shame as many of them were quite good. In theory I could have kept them up, but I want to keep Mr. Clos happy and limit any sort of issues anyone could raise about the site. If you had a submission removed, you will have recieved an email from me notifiying you of such. Sorry for the inconvienence.
On a cheerier note, I will be working on ClosReplace over winter break, and hopefully v.1 will be out before next semester!
Sadly, due to finals, homework, and having to actually do stuff in class, I will no longer be adding submissions as soon as possible. I will add them in blocks whenever I can, probably lunch and study hall, and whenever I can outside of school.

[Removed: Cringe]
We are now archived on google! Look up "Mr. Clos Fan Club" and we are the first result!
I am also asking for help looking for errors in the site. If you see any error — from linking to the wrong thing to spelling errors to programming errors — please email me (My email is plastered all over this site, so I won't add it here).


Mr. Clos:

Chemistry — Mr. Clos

Mr. Clos is a mystical being that traveled from the distant galaxy of GN-z11 in the Year of Our Lord 2015, to bestow his divine knowledge upon us mortal beings (It is also said that he came to Earth mostly for the video games). In his mortal disguise, he projects himself as a science teacher, (specializing in chemistry), but is often seen using his godlike powers to assist and make fun of his students.

Mr. Clos Fan Club:

The Mr. Clos Fan Club (A.K.A. the ACFC) was founded by ZALGO to celebrate and honor our great lord.

We are happy to reveal our new official domain name:! Due to the amazingly high cost to run the domain, it will expire in 1 year. I'll see how it goes on renewing it for another year or indefinitely later on. price - $8.88

The Official ClosReplace Browser Extension

ClosReplace is currently on the Firefox Addons site and is being reviewed for the Chrome Web Store! Stay Tuned!

Automatically bolds any instance of "Clos" or "Mr. Clos" in any webpage. Also has options for word replacement, so you can replace words you despise with beautiful words such as "Clos"


The Official ClosTheme

The only official Mr. Clos browser theme!
View us in the Firefox Themes Gallery!  Sadly, the addon was rejected from the Mozilla Theme Gallery so you must download it from this site.
View us in the Chrome Web Store!  Unfortunately, due to exorbitant cost to publish on the Chrome Web Store, you must download it from this site.
Note: The ClosTheme is designed for a 15" HiDPI (213ppi–240ppi) monitor. If it displays strange on your computer, email me at

Rejected from Mozilla Themes Gallery

Firefox Theme Preview

Firefox Theme Preview


Chrome Theme Preview

Chrome Theme Preview

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The Official ClosChandise Merchandise Line

We now have a merchandise line thanks to the amazing work of Aidan J! Get your exclusive ClosChandise today on Redbubble!

The Closchives

These titles are getting more and more contrived...or should I say Clostrived!

The Clos Archives (truncated to The Closchives) is the collection of anything and everything Clos!
Click on images to expand or download full resolution.
To contribute to the Closchives email me at! We respect your wish for privacy. If you wish to post an image but remain anonymous, just say so in the email. If you wish credit to be removed from a previously posted image, we are willing to do so as well.
Featured submissions are completely subjective by me. For an image to be featured, it has to be a mix of "high-quality" and "high-effort". Really, just be creative and put effort into it (making the image look clean helps as well). If you want to remove a submission from the Featured list, email me. Featured submissions are in no particular order.
If I accidentally miscredit you in an image, just email me and I will fix it.

Featured Submissions
The highest resolution availaible of the official Chemistry Mr. Clos Logo — Credit Aidan Jurevich Closta Rica — Credit Anonymous NEWEST SUBMISSION — Credit Hunter Irish
Closine — Credit Anonymous DuckDuckClos — Credit Anonymous I'm Already Closer — Credit Jasper Shen
Clost — Credit Anonymous [Censored: Questionable Content] — Please see annonuncements on the home page Challenge-Man & The Meme Wonder — Credit Marcus Sovich
Clos Angeles — Credit Aragorn Wang Closco Wholesale — Credit Hannah Winans Clostess — Credit LiAn Song
Game of Clos — Credit Kai Kingman Share a Clos with Clos — Credit Anonymous AmeriClos — Credit Aragorn Wang
Closstein — Credit Ian B. [Censored: Political] — Please see annonuncements on the home page ExClosion — Credit Aragorn Wang & Aden Betancourt
ClosCoal — Credit Aragorn Wang & Aden Betancourt Closorado — Credit Aragorn Wang Clos-fil-a — Credit Aragorn Wang & Logan Santos
Iron Clos — Credit Marcus Sovich Mr. Clos — Credit Marcus Sovich

Official Clos Images
Official portrait from STEM — Credit STEM School Highlands Ranch [Censored: Religious] — Please see annonuncements on the home page Meatalloid, a newly discovered type of element, discovered after a researcher accidentally mispelled Metalloid
Clostraphobia [Censored: Religious] — Please see annonuncements on the home page The TalClos Principle
MiClosis Clos Encounters of the Third Kind The Biggest Chungus
ClosLine Closon Closup
EnClosure TubercuClosis ThanClos
What are your Sources of Strength? You have discovered Chemistry (Mr. Clos) Amazon Clos — Credit Andrew Brunette for original idea

The Clos Family — Credit Caleb Bettcher "Touched by His Noodly Appendage" — Credit Aidan Jurevich ClosOver SUV — Credit Simon Magnusen
Closing the Deal — Credit Caleb Bettcher The Clos Baby — Credit Anonymous Clos Nye The Science Guy — Credit Ian B.
[Censored: Religious] — Please see annonuncements on the home page Mr.Science man is snas undertale — Credit Xavier Pena The Closcars — Credit Sharan Bhargav
Closa Lisa — Credit Caleb Bettcher Closet — Credit John Blackburn and Daniel Nikolaev [Censored: Religious] — Please see annonuncements on the home page
Pilgrim Clos — Credit Ian B. Bunny Clos — Credit Ian B. Pirate Clos — Credit Ian B.
Santa Clos — Credit Nick Montero Uncle Clos — Credit Ian B. CyClos — Credit Anonymous
Androminus Dominus Closius — Credit Kai Kingman The Monstrosity — Credit Ryan Levisky Santa Clos — Credit Rohan Adepu
Clauce — Credit Rohan Adepu Super Smash Clos Ultimate — Credit Simon Magnusen TeleClos — Credit Caleb Bettcher
Clos Call — Credit Connor Calme CyCloserine — Credit Adam Qualls Closty the Snowman — Credit Justin Arni
ForeClosure — Credit John Blackburn Clostertruck — Credit Cameron Ray Closoka Tano — Credit Aragorn Wang & Ethan Choi
Diplodoclos — Credit Anonymous Clos By Hasbro — Credit Anonymous Indiana Clos and the Last Closade — Credit Kai Kingman
Clos Hitch Knot — Credit Daniel Nikolaev Clos Stool — Credit Sanjana Sankholkar Formula For Clos — Credit Hannah Winans
Where's Waldo? Clos? — Credit Hanna Winans 2 Clos 4 Comfort — Credit Anonymous A Clos Shave — Credit Anonymous
Clos, but No Cigar — Credit Anonymous Sorry, We're Clos — Credit Aragorn Wang GluClos — Credit Aragorn Wang
DiagClosis — Credit Aragorn Wang Star Wars: The Clos Wars — Credit Aragorn Wang & Ethan Choi Ferrari TestaClosa — Credit Simon Magnusen
You Know I Have to Do It to Em — Credit Anonymous hewwo mistew cwos — Credit Anonymous (Editors note: Oh dear we've come this far) two-faced but it's clos-faced — Credit Anonymous
Maserati Ghibli GranClosso — Credit Simon Magnusen Clos du bois — Credit Soren Rollin Mr. Closes — Credit William Irish
[Censored: Political] — Please see annonuncements on the home page Anyhoot — Credit Anonymous Clostage — Credit Anonymous
Closovo — Credit Kai Kingman Closus — Credit Anonymous Terriclota Warriors — Credit Hannah Winans
GClos — Credit Hannah Winans Mr. Clos - Mr. Far — Credit Kelsie He Clostrich — Credit Daniel Nikolaev
Closcord — Credit Rachel Michels Closs — Credit Ian B. Closcar Driver — Credit Sabrina Ferry
Sorry, Temporarily Clos — Credit Garrett Gee Clos, Closer, Closest — Credit Simon Magnusen Peppa Clos — Credit Anonymous
So Clos — Credit Anonymous So Clos V.2 — Credit Anonymous Don't have to answer questions if you don't speak — Credit Anonymous
Closox — Credit Adam Qualls The Closax — Credit Adam Qualls The Wizard of Cloz — Credit Adam Qualls
The Grading/Closing Process — Credit Anonymous Le Clos — Credit Kai Kingman [Censored: Questionable Content] — Please see annonuncements on the home page
The Clos Plague — Credit Anonymous Sprite ClosBerry — Credit Aiden Landeros Road Closed — Credit Evan Spond
Closus of Rhodes — Credit Ethan Kishiyama The Wizard of Cloz — Credit Aakash Gupta Straight Outta Clos — Credit Aakash Gupta
CyClos — Credit Aragorn Wang & Aden Betancourt BuffaClos — Credit Aragorn Wang & Aden Betancourt CelluClos — Credit Aragorn Wang & Aden Betancourt
Le Closvo — Credit Aragorn Wang Clos Trooper — Credit Aragorn Wang MexiClos — Credit Aragorn Wang
Closnite — Credit Aragorn Wang Clos — Credit Aragorn Wang & Logan Santos Clos the tab — Credit Simon Magnusen
Closology — Credit Hannah Winans Bingclos — Credit Aakash Gupta Closal Meltdown — Credit Ethan Kishiyama
Thenium Closlyate — Credit Stuart Lang UltraClos — Credit Stuart Lang Clostraphobia — Credit Stuart Lang
"That was too Clos" — Credit Stuart Lang Closicorn — Credit Stuart Lang Clek — Credit Adam Qualls
Metaliclos — Credit Cale Pinckernell Just Clos 3 — Credit Marcus Sovich Counter Strike: Clos — Credit Ethan Chambers
Indiana Clos and the Challenge of Doom — Credit Ethan Kishiyama Clostgraph — Credit Clost Guard — Credit Ethan Kishiyama
Closgate — Credit Andrew Brunette Clos Doo — Credit Grace Rhoads Closinatti — Credit Grace Rhoads
Closography — Credit Closernet — Credit I Spy The Clos — Credit
The Clos — Credit The New Clossus — Credit Simon Magnusen Introducing: Amazon Clos — Credit Andrew Brunette



Enter your MyClosRewards Keys here! Keys are not case sensitive. If you don't have any keys, try guessing certain names? You may find keys hidden around the site, or they may be published openly for a short period of time.

The True Mr. Clos Webpage

Styled in the way of late 90s early 2000s websites, the True Mr. Clos page is simply easy on the eyes and beautiful to navigate. Check it out here!

New ClosGate Scandal?!?!

Has a new scandal broken with Mr. Clos? Is this the next celebrity S3X scandal? See this mysterious video for yourself with this exclusive tape taken directly from the source VHS Tape! View the tape now here!